Crafted with mixologists in mind, Reàl Cocktail Ingredients is a one-of-a-kind family of products that capture real fruit taste in a squeezable, pourable, and shelf-stable container.

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Reàl Cocktail Ingredients

Initially introduced in 2006 as Coco Reàl, the first Cream of Coconut available in a convenient plastic squeeze bottle, the brand has since expanded with a complete high-end line of innovative puree infused syrups. The original and highly unique bottle shape combined with a custom closure featuring the exclusive volcano spout allows the brand to offer a carefully crafted, highly satisfying user experience.

Reàl has been discovered and championed by many of the most highly regarded, prestigious innovators in the world of professional mixology. A commitment to sourcing only the finest varieties of single pressed fruit and blending these with 100% cane sugar has burnished the brand’s reputation for unparalleled quality on a global stage. This young and emerging brand has already had a major market impact since its inception – And this impact should continue to be felt as the brand matures and comes into its own in the years to come.

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